I still hang out occasionally at the following places, if you're so inclined to find me online:
I read a lot. I rate & review mostly non-fiction titles these days, though I will consume anything that's educational or entertaining.

When I'm not too lazy & can be bothered enough, I post my pics here.

One of my favourite sites still. Pages & pages of visual delight & inspiration!!! Oooooo!!!

I make my own (mostly jazz piano / instrumental) music & you can listen to some of it here. I still compose & play, but haven't got down to uploading my most recent recordings yet.

I still game regularly & am active here, though I'm not very social due to lack of time.

I hardly post because I just can't be bothered to mostly, but if I have an opinion or message I think is important enough to share, it goes here. Not to be confused with somethinghere.com's Twitter, where I post updates for this website.

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