the desktops
11 oct 2011

My father gave me his Canon EOS 60D and I've been having lots of fun with it! This new batch of wallpapers contains photos shot mainly with this camera, some of which are also showcased on my Momentile. I've also made the wallpapers in many more sizes than before, including for Netbook users. Check them out!
27 jun 2010

Time flies! I just cleared out my hard drive of some old and not-so-old photos taken over the past few years, by making 9 new wallpapers out of them, in many different sizes. So go take a look and download!
22 apr 2009

Almost 2 whole years since the last update! Well, I'm not dead (at least, not yet), and am back with 9 new wallpapers, available in even more sizes than before!
21 may 2007

New wallpapers in many flavours to tickle your fancy.
25 dec 2006

Merry Christmas! Many requests for wallpapers filled. Please enjoy.
13 sep 2006

1 request and 2 bonus wallpapers I didn't upload at DeviantArt put up today. Take a look.
9 aug 2006

Most of my wallpapers are now being uploaded here.
21 jul 2006

2 wallpapers for the music lovers out there. Go.
17 jul 2006

Another 7 wallpapers uploaded for your picking. Here.
12 jul 2006

7 different desktop wallpapers put up, many different screen resolutions to choose from.
Go check 'em out.