This is a list of websites that may be of help to you or those you know who might be suffering from depression.
Samaritans of Singapore
Call the local Samaritans' helpline if you need a listening ear.
This is the UK-based Samaritans organisation. You can call or e-mail them with your problems.
Befrienders Worldwide
The Befrienders provide emotional support and are committed to helping prevent suicide. Search for the Befrienders in your country and give them a call.
International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred)
This site provides good information and statistics on understanding more about depression in many aspects of life.
My Depression Connection
A very comprehensive site where you can find out more about depression, share your experiences, and get advice.
Wing of Madness
A website with first-hand information on depression, by a depression sufferer.
Depression: Information and Support
Latest news, articles and information on depression can be found here.
Depression Forums
This is an online forum for depression sufferers covering all topics from diagnosis to recovery.
Psych Central: Depression
This is a medical-oriented site with very good information about instances of depression in all kinds of people.
A website run by the American Psychiatric Association with information and articles on all sorts of mental health topics.
If you know of some site or any other resource that you think might be useful, please let me know.
Many thanks to all who have contributed to this list, including my family and friends for helping compile and maintain it.
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