My name is Sharlet, and I suffer from depression. Or so they say. I am 27 this year, not that it matters to me anymore.
In 2004, my dad passed away from cancer. And in 2006, my mum died suddenly from a fall. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. Then my sister got diagnosed with cancer too. Just like that, my entire world fell apart.
They used to call me the enternal optimist. "She's humorous, fun, very positive and cheerful," they said.
I haven't been able to find that side of me anymore.
Before all this happened, I never used to believe in what they call "depression". I thought people could just "snap out of it", and I never imagined for one second in my life that I would ever become this way - empty and souless enough to stop functioning totally and just live each day waiting to die.
But this is depression. And it is real.
They say it is also treatable.
I hope this site will be able to help all those who are in the same predicament as me. Perhaps someday we will all be able to find that zest in ourselves again. I'm not hopeful, but I there's no harm in trying.
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