Dec 2010 - Nuke something. Where to next? Learn a new tongue. Work the land. Say what again? Choking is fun. Enter a new world.
Nov 2010 - Obsolescence is fun. Know it all. Swap it. Start posting. Get books. A couple propagates. Enjoy nature. Singapore sketched. How much PayPal robs you of. Big Brother's watching. Talk crap.
Oct 2010 - Explore the world. To be admired? Digital art. Remember the old days? Go somewhere. You don't say. Sugary hell. Take your pick. May be useful. Oh no.
Sep 2010 - Why? Must we really know? Some useful widgets. A photographic artist. Travel better. Get inspired. Not a new concept. Eye-candy visuals. Brand yourself. Doodles rock. Beware. Exercise your brain. Relive the past. Be green everyday. It's a culture. Dynamic image generator. Get a good one. They're just numbers. Follower buttons.
Aug 2010 - Worth a look. Useful travel info. Only print what's essential. Fun photo effects. What's your grade? Read Minneapolis. For the contemporary Muslim. It's all text-only. Are you guilty? This is why working in design sucks. Explore the world in style. Understand corporate drivel. Another popularity contest. Did they really?! Interesting work. Go create. Clothes continue to be a big business. Mood-based music. For the indecisive. Let them know. Menswear is looking good. Challenging perspectives. Watch shows. Always question. Education is now free.
Jul 2010 - Meet Rachel. Bike gone missing? Finds. Get printed. For the women. Alternative cancer treatment. Tweak images, or make them. Umm... Start sticking. Divorce for men. Get breaded. Away from home and in Singapore? Utter pointlessness. A month of comics and conventions. Webcam snaps. Gift ideas. Dreaded pest. A web of discovery.
Jun 2010 - Start restoring. About animals. Religious propaganda today. Waste time. Decorate your walls. Facebook is fun. What do you see? Get arty. More eye-candy. I like Marzelle. Local reviews. Catch the buzz. Simple pleasures. Then and now. More redundancy. And again. It's called "bookmark". Webcam to photo. A comedian blogs. Outrageous bakes. Outrageous finds. Learn about dwarfism. Revel in fonts. News wall. Not earth-friendly. Join in. Sneak a peek. Just browse. It's nice to reminisce. What is gender? Capture a moment. Bringing smiles. Now over. But the vuvuzela is not! Get help. Get humour. Start a collection. World leaders tweet too. Count words, play with them, or admire them. Visual diary. Find a code. Productivity tips. For geeks. Let yourself go. Supposedly vogue. Supposedly trendy. Supposedly now. Home ideas. Who owes what. All mags. Take good photos.
May 2010 - Wild Europe. Say it right. Singapore live. Go nuts about tees - tees, tees, tees, tees, tees... What 5 dollars will get you. Help out. One man's perspective. One man's obsession. Get into photography and the equipment. Or maybe fine art. Or shoes. Of all kinds. Or specifically sneakers. Be a clotheshorse. Casual browsing. Artistic statements. Check popularity. View the kult. Get deals. For the smart and happy. Create your virtual namecard, online presence, and showcase your stuff. More gratuitous sharing.
Apr 2010 - Found. For busybodies. An amusing collection. "Good" reads. What the hell?! Nothing like Australia. More mode. Visual niceness. For the obsessed. Get published. Shorten Flickr URLs. Search tweets. Interesting time-wasters: here, here, here, here and here. Medium format China. Japanese eye-candy. Further than edgy. Related to Russia. For animal fans. Ad talk. English Indian portal. Konstantine blogs. So does Willa. Photos by location. You can help. Net tips. Local arts and culture scene. Break language barriers. Go green. Letters galore. Travel pics. Music goes social. Train your brain.
Mar 2010 - Endless fascination. More mania. Get lippy. Go ascii. Or go slow. I like his views. Visual stimuli. For the funny bone. Everything eek. Domestic rambles. Make it short. Tweet videos. Share presentations. Help with language. Visual freshness. Find an event near you. Punk culture. More sharing. Design resources.
Feb 2010 - Logo love. Cute. Sometimes amusing. Sometimes interesting. Useful tools for designers: grids, colour combos and mock-ups. MMORPG goes green. This is Japan. Watch those calories. Been bugged? Now there's even social coding. And personalised shopping. Another dictionary. More time-wasting. More rubbish. Visual stimulation. Polaroid's latest marketing gimmick. Rather silly. Eye on art. Enough of these. Know what you consume. It's all artificial. Artily sophisticated.
Jan 2010 - It's coming soon. Deliver some hope. Find a match. To save... or not. It really exists. Still an open case. If I hear "social" one more time... Looks useful. Reminisce. Better back then, don't you think? Everything is an illusion. Online travel-related tools. Generate a tab. Know what you're really using. For the really bored. Retired, but still helpful. Gain insight. Or just chill. More finds. Something lighthearted. Take note. So classic. So pretty. Another new "condition".