Dec 2009 - Google's at it again. Hope your Christmas was fun. Play some games and solve some mysteries. View some animation. Download some software. Patient education. Design speak. Hope Santa wasn't sketchy.
Nov 2009 - Send one. With your photo. Go Brazilian. Singapore hosted this round. Useful utilities. Local arts space. Cognitive tests. Developers rejoice. Another green cause. All about animals. Cool concept. Mad about castles. Mad about theme parks. Making life fun. For newbie backpackers. An island in a dead volcano. Modernising fast. Gone to the dogs. Occasional relevance. Still fighting. Search for similar images. Random writes. Creatives congregate. Spam entertains. Start transmitting. Not your average read.
Oct 2009 - Know your words. Need some toilet paper? Decorate your walls. Hollywood interviewed. Everything odd. Yummy stuff. Random and pretentious pairings. "No Photoshop". More Twitter nonsense. Why not focus on a real cause, actual hobby and crime-fighting instead? Or go infect the whole human race.
Sep 2009 - Lame. Some cool stuff. Talk art. Browse art. Critique art. Try trading. Dad quotes. What's the word? Women and cash. Eat well. Plant therapy. Singapore service. All faced out. Japan won't like this. She's pretty. Insane talent. Know your symbols. America's got a problem. Start mixing. It's an experience. Local cartoon commentary and quips. Go wild over girls and vintage. Choose your scene. So alone. Get creative. Like Wikipedia but in photos. Artistic remnants. What's best? These are not photos. Nice finds. Be or not be fascinated. Everyday life. Big brand massacre. Type on signage. Talk about things. Better than the candy. Get Santa to write. Browse Twitter apps. Share e-mail. Tabloid trash. Make polls. Yet another network. Squirrelise it. Men fall. Ebay owned. Cultural immersion. Grow a mimosa. Build a bike. Mad about trains. Find other collectors.
Aug 2009 - Fancy a Chinese penpal? Discover nature. Discover even more. Entertainment discussed. Overrated. How well do you kern? New Toyota marketing. Inwardly unwell. Be moved. Make it short. Here too. Another kind of relationship manager. What's current. Read it online. Too much info. Another event. Superficial perfection. Beautiful birds. Find a travel mate. Consider fostering. A collection. Be fascinated. Get high.
Jul 2009 - Need postal help? What's your manifesto? This is talent. That's old. Retro kitsch. Ducks bring fame. Singapore headlines. Good lookers. Why not? Random spews. Get the last word. Read a story. Inspiration hits. Snail mail lives. Telly lovers rejoice. Grow your own greens. Visual explorations. Movie twitters. Illustrated eye-candy. Travel free & easy. A cultural experience. It's not safe out there. Rock on. Do you know your fruits?
Jun 2009 - An icon passes. See the world, then decide where to go. Get random. More Twitter nonsense: here, here, and here. English abuse. The poisoned pistachio incident. Convert media. Learn all about divorce. Cut your carbon. Science matters. Christ's choice. Apply some skepticism. Unconventional reading. Making it simple. Take note. That's cheating. Live from your phone. Did it really get sent?! Get a joke. Microsoft's new search. So-called archaeology. Embed anything. Asia has a new presence. Compare type. Someone's haven. Repeats are fun.
May 2009 - The truth. Best to be informed. Fun idea. What's in a character? Snail mail can be fun. Penpalling is not dead... yet. Ask a dumb question... Exhilarating shots. Tantalising wants. Go handmade. Youth culture. Tour the world. Swap books. Overturn wrongful convictions. Since 1996. Words pictured. Collect stuff. Go on a hunt. Decipher abbreviations. Discover sites. Twitter-based spin-offs: tribes, re-tweets, images, image posts, media, user directory, buttons, cheats, events, donations. Pinball lives. Stage a countdown. Visual wows. Mad about jerky. Too good to be true!!! Seattle asks. Test your IQ in French. Look at photos, share them, and explore some photo-blogging websites. A strong girl. Pull names. Don't be retarded. Sometimes useful. Digital indulgence. Pure delight. Fido does magic. Momo draws. More redundance. Take the cake. Art news and showcase. Bitten by the travel bug? College gossip et al. Food laughs. Handy geek links. If you've too much money. Think teen. Someone's got talent. Create a blip. Manage and control your pointless mingling. Leaving plastic behind. Be sustainable and renewable. Play dress-up. Stuck in the matrix. Send a card. Costa Rica meets Jim. The other David. Have a laugh. Family fun. Chase cryptic creatures. All that's great. For all types. Island buzz. There are nice postcards and there are not. Waste a text. Time as a line. Build a wall. From yellow to green. Customers entertain. Academic blogging. Academic comics. An atheist rants. A child battles cancer. Track your reading. Track your whatever. Exactly what it says. Easy on the eye. Easy squibbles. Just a sequence. No cash - trade for it. People nearby. Share various media. Hear only the good. Grab a virtual sticky. Tea obsessed. Getting to 1001. Expose someone. Are you good? Just spiffy. Send your regards. Unconventional association. In the name of peace. Make your own news. Work can be fun. Fold something. How 'bout a remake. Make cool photos. Everything drawn. Cult drones.
Apr 2009 - Need words? Need icons? Need glitter? Meet Matt. Put it in point form. Ask a "horse". Pets talk. Need a laugh? Twitter copycat. How to fund your trip. Answers to everything. Games galore. Swap stuff through the post. Not that improbable. Toys travel. No rubbish. Handel turns 250. Resize fast. Be aware. This is why our earth needs help. Are you being exploited? Explore Finland. Southeast Asian perspective. Singaporean perspective. Geek perspective. For scrapbookers. DIY tech. Simulate YouTube scum. Making science fun. Be multilingual. Talk politics. Marry a Muslim. Say it with chocolate. Unexpected photography. Cool web apps. Asian web news. Useful web design. Meet Super Oors and the Flying Pizza Kitty. Unaverage gifts. Unaverage cuteness. Unaverage eye-candy. Stop f***ing around. Women collide. Jiang hua yu. Drop some squares. Quite fun. Build your republic. Spambots can paint. Random observations. Odd art. Another non-contender for the search engine crown. Mad about bikes. Get sappy. Get inspired. Enough Wordpress already. Cat lovers and philately unite. Let her show you. Dress up your pics. Everyone's online these days. Slightly different. Asia joins the online gaming frenzy. Picture the idea. What babies see. Coffee has another use. The awful truth. If you sew. Eat dangerously.
Mar 2009 - Yup, the economy's bad. Stunning work. Be inspired. Enough already. Get creative. Explore Coraline. Send postcards. Singapore heritage. Singapore hip hop. Singapore exam culture. Know your paper. Visual delights. What next? Sight and sound combined. About design. Redefining camouflage. Be an inventor. YouTube remixed. Cell phone messaging. "Play now." Get a dragon. Designers learn. Entertaining infomercials. For girls. Pixel goodness. Web 2.0 speak. Web 2.0 names. Web 2.0 domains. Get Web 2.0 certified. Let them know. Need help hanging up? Comic relief. Now you can solve them all. Cryptic. Take a shark break. Be a thinking consumer. Wikipedia's useful relative. Search private. Who're you looking for? Find your subway crush. If your calculator's broken... Backpackers blog too. Design to solve. Design to help. Earth blog. 50 states, 1 idea. Go indie. All about the 404.
Feb 2009 - Locating local locale. Personal resource site. What's your picture? Mad about type and letters. It's a web of pain. Tell your story. Talk science. Got widget? Really tiny icons. Worth a thousand words. Be misled. Useful notices. Population control. Rent a domain. Prepare for armageddon. Wholesome eats. Online image editor. Online virus scanner. Fight phishers. Vote Earth in '09. Speak up. Desktop art resources. Archive your receipts. Instances of fail. They never smile.
Jan 2009 - White House goes green. How well do you know your words? Scientology kills. Celebrating the pluggers out there. Hair colour unites. Roach questions answered. An alternate life awaits. Internal organs can be fun. Miscellaneous stuff. Test your spelling. Philadelphia's got a great paper. Arts, culture and such. Wikipedia's founders need money. Movies need fans. Things to do while drinking coffee. Make some music. Live user art gallery. Back to the '50s.