Dec 2008 - Have a colourful Christmas. Preventing another Mumbai terror attack. Life through a pinhole. For local jobseekers. They've got a point. It's licensed apparently. Adults only. Conservation's the new buzzword. But is it too late to be concerned? Creative and inspirational. Fraud facts. Fill a shoebox. For whatever reason, more sharing. Give a good gift. Search stealth. I have no idea. There's hope. Make your own flick. Men and suicide. Looking for an easy meal ticket? About that allergy... Another virtual world springs. Enrich your mind. Ocean geography comes to life. Facing challenges ahead. About aesthetics, form, visual bombardment, type, toys and tees. Random amusement. Amusing ideas. Entertaining finds. Religion goes down the bowl. Nature's uglies.
Nov 2008 - Singapore for Singaporeans. Funny times. What do you really know? Say what again? Educate yourself. So they claim. Go pink. Be aware.
Oct 2008 - Election mania. What they're wearing. View specific users or just explore. For jetsetters. Coworking redefined. Everything green, like lime. Underwater photography. Weird and wonderful. Got scarf? Hair back then. Artistic confessions. Blogging from Portugal. Asian entertainment. Work that brain. Get planting. Beautiful art. Eccentric architecture. Sweet fashion. Zen crafts. Dedicated to stairs. Browse creatives. Someone's on a quest. Go slow. So what? Say what? Scores galore. All about togs. A bit of everything. Habitat awareness. Walk the galleries.
Sep 2008 - Earth's still intact. Get your daily fix. Do good. Show some care and concern - go get busy. Keeping an eye on American issues. Music meets the masses. Worth a look. Give support. All about death and failure. All about bunnies. All about you. Know the Net. Need to do something? Start planting! Another way to blabber. The "truth" is out there? Blueberries are good. Colour away! Shades for clothes. Primeval fun. Wishful thinking. McDonald's "facts". Virtual yous. Read and research. Cheat sheets' new home. Literary topics. Know the enemy. What to sightsee. Criminal mugs. Criminal celebrity. Blogger's recommendations. Raising awareness. Light-hearted time-wasting. Go take one. Search toons. Buy naked clowns. Anyone can write. Get catty. Simply beautiful. Stuff to watch. Artistic mobile snaps. Amazing illustrations. Get a Netlog. Pretty ideas. Pretty observations. Play with paper. Tech company wiki. A smattering of stuff. Visually appealing. Design highlights. Get creative. Style for men.
Aug 2008 - Share the Google love. N is here. Get a hobby. Celeb polaroids. Olympic design. Olympic beauty and grace. Olympic size. Tumblelogs are in. Paris answers. Much needed. Pretty boys. Album art. Indie art. Art of lacing. For couch potatoes. For knowledge junkies. For moms and dads. Oh geez-us. Mapping our galaxy. How big's that chick? Test your type awareness. Depressed? Addicted to sex? Too big? Get help. Watch the sun. Mind your language. On today. Not another. And another. Barcoding life. Meet Mister Rogers. Nicely categorised. Someone has an ambition. The airwaves issue. Beat it. Bringing the museum to you. Recycling creatively. More eye-candy. And imagery. And sketches. And paintings. Cats these days sure are busy, what with blogging and all that other stuff they get up to. Free industry-related mags. Make baby happy. The result of having too much time. Browse the knols. Search LiveJournal and newsgroups. Too utopian? Germ warfare. If you're really bored. Documents made easy. Get a lot from a little. Essentials of biz.
Jul 2008 - Going nowhere? Why not work less? Sit back and admire art, type, packaging, words, illustrations, fractals, fashion, looks, architecture, nature and wildlife. Or search for the path to freedom, by visualising a crimeless world in which everyone lived sustainably, and had a sense of humour. Creativity would thrive, as would creatives. People would compete to make pretty stuff. Entertainment would comprise contests and quizzes. The majority would live online. Random blogs, gadgets and tools would facilitate interaction, sharing and discovery. People would always be plugged in and have the world at their fingertips. The hype over Hello Kitty and women's breasts would finally vanish without a trace. True artists would be celebrated.
Jun 2008 - Send some. Or just view. Support a cause. The man may be gone, but the brand lives on. Grow with friends. Plant stories. Music for your site. Distasteful concept. Nice and useful. Pleasantly pleasant. For Wordpress freaks. For Gmail freaks. For Photoshop freaks. They make cool games too. Eliminate. Scrub. Nurture. Then share. Artily random. Oozing optimism. Search Flickr better. Pish posh. Gauge your willpower. Say "no". Search birthdays. Cute gone bad. Fun gadgets. Not your typical pet. Brain fodder. Apparently graphics aren't everything. "What is what." What the future holds? Quotes nicely classified. Another joins the fray. Design for mobile. Build an online store. Green watchdogs. Love Liza. Life's excesses. It's a hobby. Archive of recollections. Put your life online. Free TV. Do you lomo? Lighthearted amusement. Kids meet potatoes. Global album. He has a goatee. About phenomena. A song a day. Slow down a little. Inbox shenanigans. Atheists outed. Supporting the right choose. Pick your poison. Revel in screencaps. Go join. Know the enemy. Alain has a solution. Arrest spam. Go get it.
May 2008 - Formula 1 comes to Singapore. Catch some theatre TV. What's hot. DeviantArt alternative. Adobe's version of Word. Pretty amusing. This one too. Blog of a boring loser. Object art. Match the wine with the food. Femme power. Hearted. And not anymore. Save on stamps. Local adpost. Local food. Make a book. "Me" is for Montenegro. All dressed up. Indie art. List of press releases. Go mental. Submit an idea. Share CG. What art directors do. Ping local. Say it like it is. Wildlife and nature pix. New species. ID that bug. More here. Get them live. Green project. Identity management. Get in on the buzz. Subliminal self-help. New York has a pizza directory. Find stuff to buy. I concur. Send cards. Adopt one. Lame concept. Indy's back - be a fan. Pleasantly intriguing. Arty farty. Rich is an understatement. Not another. How to end it. Natural history online. The Great Barrier Reef live. Eye-catching. In search of peace. Quotable quotes. Useful practical info. Even Irish dancers have a community. Vanity runs in the family. Get rated. Do it yourself. Youths share stuff. Grow something. Something carnivorous perhaps? Bento freaks. Photo blog. Gift ideas. Everything bluegrass. Wonderfully eye-candy. Vector graphic editor. Frequent flyers congregate. Targeted at girls, probably. Green efficiency. What's your vote? Cute or deadly? Poll or be polled. IGoogle copycat. Search FAQs.
Apr 2008 - Happy April Fools'. Sharpen your mind. Psychological tips. Personal reflection. Spiritual fodder. Biology meets music. Beer meets hydroponics. Butterfly fan club. Mad fold-ins through the years, and the man behind them. Leggings galore. Appreciate ugliness. Come worship. He's talented. It's a band. It's a blog. Yesteryear is pretty; so is its candy. Presentation at its very best. Know what else is going in. Jesus keeps up with the times. Compare stats. Try adoption. Go for greener energy, buildings, ideas, computing, bags... and more. Take action. Live frugally. Recycle electronics. Find other uses for trash. Save rainforests. Tom has a cult. Search Singapore. "Unbiased" gaming news. Learn to draw. Pic store. Local forum. Local so-called humour. Local noise. Local movies. Local Palm users. Impact of the war. Stan's comic. Got any ideas? Home tips. What Asians fancy and talk about. Interesting non-fiction. Current world population. The potato finds fame. Biking project. Indian portal. Looking good's all about the hair. Mother Earth's supporters. Got domain? Shopping across cities. Check out the Webbies. Your Internet footprint. What will you find? Urban scrawls. Free software catalogue. More downloads here. Mind-body health. US cities. Are you being abused? Exactly what it says. Online whiteboard. Online image resizor. Tropical plants. Apartment living. For "intellectuals". Make a scene. Ethical hacking. All about sex. Is your website popular? Exhibit yourself. Help Google. Articles on health. Articles on air quality. Hook 'em. Have some conversation. What's your slogan? How fast are you? Silly quizzes. Family quizzes. Travel tips. Flash fun. Trick your eyes. Moms blog too. They have a nice website. Know your plastic. Don't just think about making money. The superficial world. For kids.
Mar 2008 - Step inside. Spill it. Hmm. Friendster for your pooch. Another one of those online tools. Another one of those video-sharing sites. Another one of those design communities. Another one of those MMORPGs... and another. Net version of SimCity. Somewhat entertaining. Doodle showcase. It's good. Image bookmarker. They've got some cool downloads. For artiste-wannabes. How green are you? Challenging Google. Crime watch. Get tipped daily. Shack advice. Cute. Get your product featured. Useful for homebodies. Showcase your designs. Lovely patterns. Photographers unite. Share your screen. Create neat photo effects online. Ogle street art. Ogle interiors and stuff. Like fonts? Then find out your type. It's time for war. Singapore schools go high-tech. YouTube sorter. Get the wallpaper you want. Latest tech buzz. Make lists. Be an IT leader. Help for entrepreneurs. Something about clouds. Who does your blog target? Search peeps. From a programmer's perspective. Useful technical stuff. All about usability. Pop culture uglified.
Feb 2008 - Happy Valentine's. Get a fast browser. Test yourself. Do your own clinical research. Meet the crabby office lady from MS Office. One for the girls. How true are these? Two guys on the humanities. Green news and jobs. Personal ramblings. Book tracker. The man has no blog. Free powerpoint templates. Sustainable fashion. Be judged. Interesting ideas. What's in a name? Ready to be happy? Visit the Happiness Factory. Got travel, will write. Get yours. Gear up. Nifty stuff. Singaporeans find love. Learn how via wiki or video. Femininely artsy. Worth a look, or maybe even three. Otto has many faces. Looks useful. Neat utilities and scripts. Go shopping. Good deal? For the podders. Be bemused. Lessons for start-ups. Support web standards. World's worst polluted. Still no solution. Stuff to watch. Stuff to envy. Singapore citizens go online. Shop Asian produce. Jobs for techies and creatives. Track them down. Start them young. Coffee, tea or both? Juicy HK gossip. Do we really need more of these? Hello Kitty as an MMORPG. Getting the message across. Scams galore. Pretentious version of Urban Dictionary. Search and download. Need an example? Discuss scumbags. And other big issues. Stay informed. Take control of your system. Run a scan. Get some protection. Ask the HotBot. Resourceful posts. Set one up. It's coming. Some fun tidbits. Not light. Chicken toons. Chicken controversy. Quick translator. No-frills jokes. Big talk. Asians draw too.
Jan 2008 - As usual. Yahoo's 2007 web picks. Super useful. Looks attractive all right. Understand your mind. The classic lives on. Amusing. Lessons in aesthetics. Build a pipe. Discover Nippon. Get some motivation. Californians rejoice. A massive project. A gentle reminder. Local youth portal. Take some time out. Britney watch. Death of a young star. Play to feed. Or just play. Relive the old days. Don't click. Commit a random act. Surprisingly delightful. Be alert and stay away. Time to get proactive about saving the environment. Fun at their expense. So this is what makes them slim - yeah, right. Celeb offspring. More social media and such. Know your rights. Protecting kids. Still around and springing new ideas and products. Evolution rules. Computers still suck. Photoshop amusement. Find people who draw. Mind your body. Take tests. Turn metrosexual... god forbid! What the future holds. Sigh.