Dec 2007 - Got your 2008 calendar yet? 2007's unforgettable images. Send out cards. Letters to Santa. Make your own Hello Kitty, or read Keropi's diary. Be informed about the latest threats. Test your speed: local vs international. Do you know your IP? Comics can be collaborative, quirky, spontaneous and stylish. Get free books (US only). Draw to your delight. Or endorse something. Get your free daily mp3, shop for them, or rate them. Learn something. Get answers. Syndicate anything. Explore space. Search social networks. Share knowledge. For metal fans. Art from words. Hollywood parodies: here and here. Wacky packaging. Killer start-ups. Find clients. Check out the Web 2.0 ready.
Nov 2007 - The one game that makes the PlayStation 3 worth buying. Wikis for dummies. What's your topix? A charitable search engine. For the polaroid fans. For the creatives. For the Flickr users. For the fashion freaks. For the crocs lovers. Network while asking questions. Games based on shows: Apprentice and The Simpsons. Take a good picture. Get the dish: good vs evil. Which movies have you walked out on? Start your own petition. Support some causes: anti-war and humanitarian. Or just tune in to global affairs as a whole. Making words fun. Where the wealthy find mates.
Oct 2007 - Alyssa likes baseball. A way to kill time. British gossip. Cubicle slaves show off their habitat. Simple but good. For those who bother enough. Weekend happenings. Fools offer advice. Wish Flickr had a dark background? Learn about Polish culture. Photoshop alternative? Be a testee. Games, TV, etc. Smells fishy. Showcase your music. Real-life monopoly. Happy Halloween: movies and games.
Sep 2007 - All about spam - read up. Report phishing. Brian's interesting protest saga. Famewhores unite. Pet lovers unite. All things horror. Fun pranks. Mac users on design. Making DIY fun. Animated entertainment. Creative anti-tobacco campaign. The Sims strike again. Sunscreen facts. Doggy facts (and myths). Explore the Winchester Mystery House. Are you tomorrow's nobody? Allofmp3 revived. Learn about mushrooms, then feast on them! Games, games, and more games. Free local sms. Laptops meet art. What's really happening. One for the women. It's all about interpretation; more fun here. Mac downloads. Useful audio software. Jeff's got nifty stuff. Snoopy lives on. Colour ideas. Free books online. Gmail has a blog.
Aug 2007 - Andrzej takes haunting photos. Dan blogs. Nova has ideas. Jason does humour. Web playthings galore. A word a day. Learn something. What's the buzz right now? Good ol' gossip. Be in control. Towards zen. No time for a real one? The cynic writes. Fontify your type. Super eye candy. To birth or not. Go easy on the planet. Giving computers a second chance. Fighting cyber crime. Serving up articles. Get Santa to write. For girls. More social networking yet: for artists and the young crowd. More fun nonsense. Browse the best. Ready to switch? "A blog of bloggers blogging." About about. Her only draw is being controversial. Singapore postboxes get a facelift (link from Mr K). I go with fun. Enlightenment for the Piscean.
Jul 2007 - Takeru is a professional eater. Visuals for your TV. Reminisce. To regulate or not to regulate. Useful tracking tools. Do you unicycle? Clown-haters unite. Share finds. Share files. Share pics and vids. MySpace for musicians. MySpace for gamers. Be heard. Geek wishlist. Just someplace somewhere. Are you a structured procrastinator? What your Windows error message means. Lao Fu Zi goes online. Check in on Oliver. Nikon D40 campaign. Cute icons. Wholesome fun. Kawaii fun. "Crowd-powered" media. Find out your system specs. Get a dose of something positive. Find your tribe. Search Chinese blogs. How the Internet's feeling. There was facebook; now there's faceparty. Sweet greencheeks. The BBS lives on. All you need to know about space. Archive of e-mail forwards. A plastic community. Learn Photoshop and Flash. Singapore bookcrosses, do you? Transformers' Michael Bay has a forum. Remember what you used to believe? Still the safest. Be inspired. Singaporean portal. Post a portfolio. Edit photos online. Make your own french maid and bikini dolls. Quizzes, trivia and such. And more. Network info. Be safe online. Beef up on security. Apparently dark screens save energy. Yahoo experiment.
Jun 2007 - Cut down on waste. Start living green. Be conscious of the environment. Visit the chunky bachelor. Google has a security blog. What a photogram is. Draw something. Find something. Find people. What are they saying about your country? Games. Another MMORPG. It's a dismal world we live in. Cuter than ever. Not so relevant. Online memorials. Photo-taking tips. Visit Britain. Artists unite. Work from home. Joyful e-mail. Students rejoice. Fancy this as a pet? Animate yourself. Celebrities as dolls. Celebrities as you've never seen them. A geek with a laptop. Proliferating nonsense. AIM prank and away messages. Great-looking classifieds. Get your profile ribbon. Order a virtual beer or two. Digg copycat. The parenting community. The anything community. Put yourself on the timeline.
May 2007 - One. Create your own product. The truth about food, fat and health. Nothingness. Your mouse cursor up close. Your universe, online. Yourself in 3D. Be a World DJ. Put nifty stuff on your webpage. Catalogue your collection. Draw your tree. Ask the nipples. Free and easy moblogging. Discuss evolution. Chewbacca blogs. Fun but useless widgets. Jobs as widgets. Bryanboy's open letters. Aaron's poems. Ads vs reality. Make or take a quiz. Online calculators. Future TV? Go green with technology. Convert into downloadable vids. Polaroid still lives. Don't almost give. Seems like a neat idea. A month of softies. Take this if you haven't already. Revenge on the ex. The tourist of death. Really handy. Truth in one sentence. Interesting deals. Ad showcase. Social networking for designers. Social networking for those over 50.
Apr 2007 - Remember. Find out what that acronym stands for. Netscape totally revamped. Research before you visit. Philosophise. Take tests. Get games. Read a blog. Site reviews. Take steps towards living sustainably. Free encyclopaedia. Get the lowdown on drugs. Stamp out spam the fun way. Scan those links first. Mr Wong does Europe. US stupidity. Delicious webbies. Delicious icons and print templates. Delicious comic. Shop smart. Some useful utilities. Life's imponderables. Attracting recruits. For the fashionistas. For the management freaks. For the bored. For the snarkish. For those with blogs, profiles and such. Geek materialism. Asian fashion. Stop forwarding junk. Follow Wonderella's non-adventures. All things free. Who said what. ExtraLife. Search businesses. Report rip-offs. All sorts of jobs. Defend wildlife. Check time and temperature. Flash entertainment. Get your momentary exposure. Free ideas. Discuss copyright law. Stop badware. The evolution of spam. Loads of space for your files. Lend for a good cause. Find a business in Singapore. Learn more about digital music and compose or remix your own. Freeware picks. Art collectibles. Go do a doodle. Search engine smackdown. Watch trends. Different approach to linking. Digicam talk. Digicam reviews and stuff. Another social networking clone.
Mar 2007 - Choose. This year's World Factbook is out. Test your connection speed. Tips for dating over lunch. Reporting only the happy. Packed full of content. The song is now a movie. A blog I visit. Compare airline seats. Post your secret. Get rich on Wall Street. Hire a techie. It all looks good. If you can't cash in on Leonardo, there's always Nostradamus. Be in the know. Where to take action. For the Asian businessman on the go. Glimpses of China. Auctioning with a twist. Metrosexuals unite. Pointless? Useful entertainment-editing software. Minimalist search. Be a colour lover. Not sure which font to use? Research yields interesting results. Ballad is a nice read. Widgetmania. Hunt for trends. Wild links. Live green. Good to know indeed. Find answers. Have you been to boobootown? Slay the hoaxes. Stay ahead of malware. Post free classifieds here and here, and business ads here. Happy Tree Friends games and chat. Get fed. Make that toy work. Tips for parents. Shopping for kids never looked this good. Have a blaugh. Choose the right fungi. Women's wellness. Tech info. A good tweezer will last a lifetime. The Net chat still lives... for now. Eradicate pee. Search blogs. Search forums. Computer-related finds. What are you doing? Just a little white lie. The secret menu. Explore the Guangdong Museum of Art. Revel in beauty. Ladies, be informed. Social networking gone edgy. Finance help with Suze. Photo tips. Buy and sell tix.
Feb 2007 - It's piggy year! Scan for viruses and spyware with Trend Micro. Some good links. Stake your place in this pixel world. Clouds in a pocket, whatever. Moronic news. Eat wisely. Whack away! Another joins the list of departed. Collaborate online on projects. Send files. Share files. Impressive designs. Nice patterns and prints. Fancy an Engrish lesson? Small site but with some good stuff. Dear Abby... Bringing help to the village kids. Ask about computers. Classy showcase. A record of verbal disasters. For the divas. For the geeks. Get hooked. See who's copying. Check out upcoming events. On the Internet, anything is possible. Indeed.
Jan 2007 - Get Google Goo!!! Partly owned by Google now. Odd jobs. Take some fun tests. Imagine the 10th dimension, explore what we may be, and question "science". Get a date. Help catch them. It's a clock! Get it right. Beef up your Firefox. Hassle-free publishing. Photography: experimental vs creative. Source for back issues and other finds. Waste some time. Commission-free art marketplace. Some nifty stuff. At least one man can stomach it. One for the retards. More irritating idiocy. For the food connoisseur in us. For leisure reading. Try this instead for your photos. Eye candy comics: check out Will's, Adam's and Shishio's stuff. More comic artists here. Useful find.