Dec 2006 - Have a magical Christmas, or a disturbing one. And play Snowcraft. Or do something else. Get some pretty for your desktop. Whatever. Check out stuff. Sony's latest marketing campaign. Nick does art. YouTube alternative. Social hoopla. Find music in blogs. Or just find blogs. Learn to make money from blogs. You'll need blog tools and more. Or support a worthy cause. Add a chat. Scrawl on your own wall. Get tagged. Paint your own masterpiece. Rate this 'n' that. Enjoy animation. Appreciate photography. Chalk up some good karma. Impress your friends in 24 different ways. Make your own photo album. The ODP's still alive. But Google is still king. Its base is getting bigger. Happy new year!
Nov 2006 - Find a famous person. Adopt a US kid. Get your spoiler fix, or discuss television without pity. Google's book search is here! Build your own custom search engine too! Pretty paper. Learn to draw manga style. Build your own wikispace today. Arty farty. Grim statistics. Learn to identify bombs. How not to be media-brainwashed. Take the logo test. Light a cigar with a laser. The so-called truth. Flickr alternative. Eye-candy links site. Their website's more fun than the TV. Be Web 2.0 ready. View your URL trend. Start living your virtual life. Simple diary host. Not exactly what it sounds like... Host your webcomics or browse others'. Games galore! More here. Artist portal. Play mosaic together. Raise funds online. Search for the cheapest and compare service standards. Global photo album. Questions and answers to ponder over. One of the better directories out there. Casino Royale - anti-Craig vs pro-Craig: whose side are you on? Geek to live! Post your high score. I don't get it either. Supposedly "spamless". Free stuff to colour. 'Tis the age of the e-zine: about comics, mixed bag, eclectic finds. Create characters and superheroes.
Oct 2006 - Just like the real thing. Google goes mobile: Make your own Google page too. Delicious-looking stuff. Socks galore! Singaporean flavour. Indulge in some nostalgia. Convenient flight price comparison. Looks like a nice place to stay! - not quite what you'd expect. Scare someone, or at least, try to. Standardise. Are you dreaming right now? Useful. For the ad freaks. Know the US Constitution. It's all about looks. View indie art. Not exactly PacMan. Are you ready for Quintippio? Know where. Dan's collection. The StickiWiki for guitarists. Learn. One man's "girl drawings". Devoted to dog poo. Pointless but kinda cute. Comics: here, here and here. Some fun and pretty games here. Freeware and remakes here. Or just make your own.
Sep 2006 - Pay a tribute. A new look for Addictive! A cabby who shoots. All the dumbness you could ever seek. Free comics. Two exact opposites: Flock vs Browzar. Or just use this. The entire Anna Nicole Smith saga documented. Scripts 'n' stuff. Guy needs a new domain name for his resume. Emanuele posts useful things. Find a grave. Made it? Claim it! For the girls. He draws faces. Everything on one page. Read them online: People, Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest, Time, National Geographic... James' photojournalism. Extreme pixel kawaiiness! Yet another blog. And blog community. And another initiative. And another art marketplace. Loadsa useful apps. The urban landscape. Send a Tyra (voice)mail! Oh so cute. Celebrate street art. For the global citizen. Smokey Bear sends a message. Online gaming: the trend grows. Quirky gadgets for the rich. Fresh indeed. Think different. Pug lovers unite! Pretty and cool site for the geeks. Nicely illustrated but lacking in everything else. Artsy, artistry, artistic. Style but no substance. Teenybopper art. It's not just IE; there's no such thing as a safe browser.
Aug 2006 - Vic's got some cool (and free) stuff you should check out. WhuddleWorld - uber pixel cuteness. Valleywag - gossip for techies. Interesting and quirky. It's time to start saving water. Bored? Got legs? Join the Bored Leg Cult. Useful tools, resources and articles for the webmaster. Compare prices before you buy. Shopping for men. If you can't afford the real one, get a clone instead. Most handy for the music learner. Silly. Good-looking online games. Kids and adults will love these. Create your own South Park toon. Join in and make your mark. Here we go! Need some help? Scribble on the Internet. Cute, green and lovable. Sit back and appreciate. A marketplace for artists. Cryptic.
Jul 2006 - Go save the Internet. This free file-hosting service needs a name-change! .NET stuff & much more. Don't pass gas - not what it seems. An online comic with no characters. Green living at its best - and check this out. Find mp3s and store them. Ready for some turbulence? If not, check out the Stinky Artists' Collective! Got fired? Talk about it. Get a taste of the high life. Haunting interactive art. Check your country's index, then your own. Fantastic digital photography tutorials, and a spiffy digital photo community. Ready-made poems for your girlfriend. Sean's page has some useful stuff. Send some Monk-e-Mail.
Jun 2006 - Do your part. Organise a mob. Got a website? Rate it! Now there's hope for the farmers, ranchers and country folks! Use SiteAdvisor for safer surfing. Search almost everything. Serious eye-candy. Quirky bits o' software. It's a community thing. Keep track of the MySpace dead. For the creatives: meet Hugh, and check out Adrants. Try WarBears! The best coloured comic on the Internet. Must-see list for web designers. A nice blog. View a new kind of worm. Handle your extortions. Ahem! All things sorry. Do they really know? Jumping on the bandwagon: a Friendster clone, and yet another photo site. Rafael can really entertain btw.
May 2006 - Dress up your Windows. Find websites based on their location. Find people. Some cool stuff here. A journalist's perspective. Great interface. Nice li'l network of resources. Put your bookmarks online. Fun for nerds and geeks. Another video-sharing site. Destroy a webpage! More about IE7's Phishing Filter. Generate a strip. Lighthearted financial advice. A perverted little piece. All sold out. Alternatives to MS Word: free (beta) and paid. Talk for free: Skype, Yak, or PalTalk. Silly domain names: is the best, is the reason, is full of crap. Turn your website visitors into Sims! The StiK likes cows. Cruelty? The family tree registry. More tests. A Windows masterpiece.
Apr 2006 - Interesting concept. Comprehensive guide to designer scents. Silly bomb game. Some useful free services. Keep an eye on your site. Know your place on the web. Game site number one, number two, and number three. How to ensure your mail gets delivered. For the iPod freaks. Are you dead or alive? Search fanatics should love this. He's slant-eyed, and he's a bargain hunter. The latest and most popular so it seems. Pics and pages from old books immortalised. Alternative info source. Looks useful... and also good enough to eat! I'm skeptical about this. This is free, so why not? Gather, cluster, group, whatever. Protect your real e-mail.
Mar 2006 - Launch it already! Geeks with a cool domain. Cute pixel community. Talk about religion. Have you tried playing with fire? Jeff's got a nice place. The Museum of Laughs. Oh look - PORN!!! Is news free? Scripty fun. Only for those over 18. Now you can rant about work. Gottahavawawa! A blog about things. Another browser competes. Plugged by Mike Shinoda. Blog anonymously, or so we hope.
Feb 2006 - Free articles. Looks like a worthy cause. Another media host, though this one remains more popular. Not bad. Down with the corporate aliens! Ya digg? Know your digital rights. Now you can let your boss have it. Everyone seems to have one of these on their website these days. Search for news. Introducing the google pack. For the music lovers out there. It's out, finally! Fight back. Your very own personalised page. The latest reports in the world of spam. Track your cash, literally. Date a goth? Ooh, arty!
Jan 2006 - Tons of 'em around these days, but this has gotta be the cutest. Good photos with every post. This is lame, whereas this is not. And this is pretty funny. WTF?! Seriously the best. A real service with a funny site. Yet another "live chat" player. And another silly plaything. Never knew a blood donation site could look this good. Cute. Anything goes here, so they say. Looks useful. First there was this, then there was this, now there's this and this. Lotsa files for download - if they're safe that is. Hours of fun. Writing a business plan: serious vs lighthearted. Not a bad list.