Today is a special day...
Fishy turns TWO!!!
Yes, that's right, Fishy is two years old! My goodness, how time flies!

Have a great birthday Fishy! And I know he will, thanks to the tons of food given by Paulina, Friday's Child, Adod, Eleni, Brainy, lorraine, blah monster, poo, Bob, vzech, :p, Seth and Emma!
Fishy says, "Thanks everybody, you totally rock!" :D
Wow, it's been a long time. You might be wondering where Fishy went... Turns out he mischieviously took a short holiday while no one was looking!
I should have passed him his food sooner! :(
I eventually got Fishy to return though, and fed him the food given by Paulina, mint chocolate ice cream, Adam, laura, Eleni, Friday's Child, Davis, Suicidal Goldfish, benjo, Ben Cortez, Eavan, michele peterson, Nicole, (a very special) K, and Joyce! And guess what - Fishy LOVES the food you all gave!
Fishy's back in his tank now, and says he won't try to take anymore "breaks", thanks to the wonderful food! Fishy says to come back and feed him again soon! Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Yum! Fishy loves the food! Thank you kristel, sebastian, steve, Freedom88, Nancy M and mell! :D Fishy says to pop by again soon!
The past months have been busy and Fishy fell sick again... but Fishy's started eating again now. A big thank you to Paulina, mell, Mark "The Stabber" Ronson, ivorie, Nibardo, JulianFeedsTheFishy, Claire, Alison, Pacy-Lee, kay carey, steffiz, jimmy and yui for the food!
We're halfway through 2007 now, and Fishy is doing well, thanks to you!
Fishy sends hugs to wouter, JHeo Gerblehahm, Cole, Kyle, sara, and of course... PAULINA for the food!
"Come back and feed me again soon!"
Well, guess what? Fishy is one year old! Look at how fat Fishy has grown! All thanks to YOU!

Fishy also thanks untote.net, Fishmeister, Irishdancer, stefanie, Susanna, and björn for the great food this time round! :D
Hello everybody, Fishy's back!
Fishy says sorry for disappearing for such a long time... but Fishy fell very sick last month, and was even hospitalised. :(
But Fishy's better now, and Fishy says THANK YOU to chuey, Rachael, Willy, Asia, jui, vall, chris, and of course Paulina for the food! Yum!
Wow, Fishy says time really flies! Fishy wishes everybody a very happy new year!

Much thanks goes to Lynda, Marvellina, Mandragora^3, Buuuutton, RockRat and kelciiibear for giving Fishy food to eat over the new year!
"Have a great 2007 everybody!" <3 Fishy
Fishy wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Thank you Jess, Mucky, Midas, Liang Xuan, Shirley, Will, Paulina, Anita, Amanda, liliet, ashley, yolanda, kristin, teh-clue, alexxx<3, Rachel and magickmaker17! Fishy's got a button for you...

Fishy's back! Fishy had been occupied with loads of stuff since he last ate, but it's nearing Christmas now, and Fishy's really excited!
Fishy thanks dalla, Jen, Louisa, June, May, Cameron, efha, Nhat Nguyen, kanjano, sara12, JezebelSeven, Absinthyium, jaws, nina, Lina, bilgee and Baran Dogan for the food! And of course, Paulina!
Fishy says to come back again before year end for a surprise! ;) "Take care and be well everybody!"
Finally, an update! It's been a busy month for Fishy, and Fishy fell very ill just last week. :(
But Fishy is feeling better now. Thank you Cameron, Paulina, Tamara, Buuuuutton, Vic, marek ventur and izzi for feeding Fishy! <3
Tributes to Paulina and Buuuuttton too! Fishy loves you both very much!
Fishy's been kind of busy lately so he skipped his meals. But he's very hungry now, and thanks to Samantha, souki, Heather, Paulina, Hikari, randomgeezer, schwammerl, dalla, pokeh (mcboyde), bethh godwin and simon, Fishy has lots of food to enjoy! Yummy!
Fishy also sends a special shoutout to randomgeezer! Yay!
This week Fishy gives thanks to jon, Paulina, Willy and PestbOiLchen for the food. Fishy says be well, and he hopes to see you again!
Thank you Ish, Paulina, Phoenix and jasmine for feeding Fishy! Fishy says he could do with a bit more food in the coming weeks...
Fishy is THREE MONTHS OLD today! Fishy thanks kilo for feeding him this week! Fishy's made a button for all you fish lovers out there who've helped him get this far in life! Go on, take it!

Fishy also says, if you have some time on your hands, why not check out the gallery, art page and free stock photos? ;)
Mmm. Fishy is full thanks to stolen-sivy, Zombie, ahlecks, Paulina Bishop and kiwi! Fishy asks if you've grabbed a button? There's a nifty 80 x 15 one here!
Almost two months without eating! And that's because Fishy was busy helping out with some projects, like this one for instance.
Now that Fishy can finally relax, he's ready to eat again! A very big THANK YOU to Paulina, Kolanse, hillgrandmom, strawberry, Waddak, Friday, randomgeezer, Rebekah <3, Katie Bishop and Rachel for coming over to feed Fishy during this period. Fishy says you rock!!! :D
Fishy hasn't been eating for awhile because he was sick. But now Fishy is feeling better, and he thanks Midas, missybliss, anniebluesky, Paulina, annah, Joyce and mango for feeding him! Fishy says, "Thank you! I am growing because of you!"
Loong, Button, abc and Voooootie have fed Fishy. Fishy likes you so much he says, "Take this button!"

Fishy also says, special thanks to Button! ;)
Will you look at that? Red ranger, kirsty, IZ Reloaded, Kaja Marie, Monk, Rosemarie, Paulina, KA and julie all fed Fishy! He's grown a lot, is super-full now and would like to thank all of you for your generous helpings of food. Here's a badge Fishy made for you:

Fishy would also like to send loads of hugs and kisses to Paulina in particular for feeding him on such a regular basis. Fishy loves you, Paulina!
Congratulations! Sharlet, Lifecruiser, asdf, RM and Paulina have successfully fed Fishy! Fishy thanks you and says he enjoyed his first meal very much.
Fishy is born. Happy Birthday, Fishy! Please feel free to feed Fishy. He needs to grow.


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