Oh, I see you clicked on the dots.
That's nice.
They remind me of lizard poo. You know those small li'l gecko droppings that you sometimes find on your wall or floor, because the cute little buggers have been doing their job?
(Of ridding your home of insect pests that is.)
I LOVE lizards.
I am not being sarcastic.
I would NEVER kill a lizard. And I'd gladly keep them as pets, if I wasn't more concerned that doing so would violate their lizard rights by denying them their precious freedom.
The garden geckos are my favourite variety. They have beautiful mottled brown patterning and gorgeous golden eyes. I have several living among my potted plants, and they sometimes get mad at me (they make themselves heard, mind you) if I accidentally soak them during watering. But they quickly forgive and forget, and we become the best of pals once more.
I'm sorry to say that if you don't like geckos, we cannot be friends.
Too bad.
P.S. I cry when lizards die.